Expanding Opportunities. Changing Lives. The HiSET® Exam.

DeVore Technologies, conveniently located in Beachwood, Ohio right off of Route 271 and easily accessible from all points in Cleveland and northeast Ohio, has been a proud supporter of education and technology-based learning since our first computer-based testing began way back in 1995. Since then, we’ve spared no expense in building and developing the finest computer testing center in the region – complete with lightning-fast Internet, free and secure Wifi, the latest hardware and software products for testing applications, comfortable ergonomic furniture, a student lounge and cafeteria with free coffee and tea, temperature-controlled classrooms, and plenty of food options for lunch and even dinner breaks.

Furthermore, our staff of test administrators and monitors are highly skilled professionals who want to see you succeed and do their best at every opportunity to help you along as you complete your HiSET testing exam. Our goal at DeVore is a better future for you through successful testing and exam achievement. Please allow us to help you towards a brighter future – it can start with the HiSET exam!

In HiSET’s own words:

If you didn’t finish high school, you know that your choices are limited. Even with talent and drive, the lack of a high school diploma can limit your opportunities.

By taking the HiSET® exam, you can earn a state-issued high school equivalency credential which you can use to advance your career, join the military, begin a training program or continue your education. Affordable, accessible and flexible, the HiSET exam is the fastest-growing high school equivalency test.

If you want to find a better job or take the first step on a pathway to a career, then you need to earn a high school equivalency credential. It is required for college and more important than ever to employers. Taking the HiSET exam can help change your life and expand your opportunities like it’s done for other test takers.

Learn how the HiSET exam can change your life for the better by viewing this video. Discover what’s on the HiSET exam by clicking this link. Get a better understanding of what you’ll accomplish through the HiSET exam completion here.

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