Since 1995, DeVore Technologies has partnered with some of the best and brightest career-educational organizations and associations to administer testing and certification services for the advancement of knowledge, skills and job opportunities for today’s men and women. Our modern, comfortable, well-equipped computer-based testing facility has all the amenities necessary to guarantee a positive test experience. Our professional, skilled test administrators follow all the best practices required to ensure that each individual has the greatest opportunity to excel and demonstrate their knowledge and skills in their chosen field of interest. The Electronics Technicians Association, International, is the latest skills development organization to join forces with DeVore for our testing and certification services.

In ETA’s own words:

Founded in 1978, the Electronics Technicians Association, International (ETA® International) represents the electronics industry, from the technician and educator to the corporate institution. ETA has issued over 150,000 technical certifications covering more than 80 certification programs in a variety of technology fields. You can find ETA-certified professionals working for many well-known companies like Motorola, Google, ESPN, and the United States Armed Forces.

Certification is a voluntary action by a professional group to establish a system to grant recognition to professionals who have met a stated level of training and work experience. Certified individuals are usually issued a certificate attesting that they have met the standards of the credentialing organization and are entitled to make the public aware of their credentialed status, usually through the use of acronyms (i.e., CET- Certified Electronics Technician; FOI-Fiber Optics Installer; CSS-Customer Service Specialist) after their names.

Certifications differ from certificate programs because certifications, by definition, include a work experience component. Many also include a Hands-On skills assessment. Certificate programs, on the other hand, award certificates once a course of study has been completed and do not require previous work experience.

Certification shows that the holder has accepted the challenge to stay informed of new developments in their career field. The ETA certification exams are completely voluntary. These designations are a visible reminder to peers and co-workers of the holder’s significant professional achievement. ETA-certified professionals should proudly display their certificates, wallet cards and lapel pins, and use their earned credentials on business correspondence.

ETA has a worldwide network of test sites with over 1,000 Certification Administrators to make taking an exam as easy as possible. If you don’t see a test site near you, ETA also partners with the National College Testing Association. No matter which option you choose, you must have your exam proctored.

DeVore Technologies, located in Beachwood on the east side of metropolitan Cleveland, partners with ETA to administer certification services for ETA members and customers. Please contact us to get started on the road to your certification with ETA. Good luck!