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Developing a World of Experts Through Test Delivery and Validation

DeVore Technologies is one of the premiere testing facilities in the Midwest and THE state-of-the-art, certified testing destination in northeast Ohio, where convenience and hospitality meet a hi-tech, secure environment with all the amenities necessary for accurate, efficient test delivery and administration. Our experienced, professional and supportive staff have been facilitating testing services for companies and businesses large or small since 1995 – utilizing powerful, accurate test delivery systems such as those developed by Castle Worldwide. We want to help your team succeed with their testing and certification goals!

Castle Worldwide provides testing and training design, development, and delivery services to certification and licensure organizations, corporations, educational institutions, government agencies, and trade and professional associations.

In Castle’s own words:

Castle offers you a choice in the delivery technique that will best suit your candidates.

  • Internet-based testing in secure, proctored sites
  • Paper and pencil based testing in secure, proctored sites
  • Online low- to mid-stakes or practice testing
  • Online, live proctored testing

Software Designed by Castle

At Castle, we use our own system for test delivery. PASS was developed and is continually maintained by Castle software engineers to take advantage of today’s technologies. PASS is proprietary software and is hosted exclusively by Castle for all our delivery options – including our testing sites such as DeVore, our practice test environment, and our online, remote proctoring solutions. The reliability of PASS is greater than 99.9%.

PASS supports advanced-item formats such as hot spot, drag-and-drop, simulation, case study, and content sets. It displays rich media, captures oral responses, and supports more than 26 languages for true global reach.

Internet-based Testing versus Computer-based Testing

PASS is a secure Internet-based testing system. Secure Internet-based Testing (IBT) has the following advantages versus Computer-based Testing (CBT):

  • Immediate examination content uploads
  • High-speed delivery to an infinite number of test sites located anywhere in the world
  • Minimal site hardware requirements
  • No content “footprints” left on the delivery computer or at the site via distributed servers.

Computer Testing Worldwide

The Castle testing software allows us to distribute certification and licensure examinations online anywhere in the world that has Internet access.

Ease of Use

PASS is very easy to use. The demonstration module walks candidates through all of the system’s features and functionalities and allows them to become completely familiar with the system. In addition, PASS permits candidates to mark items for review, go to previously answered items, go to specific items, and review answers before submitting the test for scoring.

To Register:

Go to the Castle Worldwide web site to schedule a test. Payment is made by American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard or by Debit Card. Information on fees for rescheduling and cancellation can be accessed at the Castle Worldwide website.

Visit Castle Worldwide to learn more about the world of Castle.

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