IT Project Staffing

Information Technology Project Staffing Services – Both Individuals and Turnkey Project Teams and Tools Are Available from DeVore


Located in Beachwood off of I-271, DeVore has a track record of serving the northeast Ohio region, including Akron-Canton, Warren–Youngstown and Erie, Pa. – since 1995. We have discovered that one model for IT staffing is not sufficient to meet all the needs of our diverse client base. Therefore, IT staffing BY project is a service we gladly offer to our valuable customers both new and veteran.

Need one special “hard to find” Information Technology skill set for your IT project?

DeVore has a solid and proven track record of identifying and evaluating those resources for our own projects.  After decades in business, do we have a resource pool of individuals we have worked with over the years?  Of course we do!

Need an entire Project Team with project management services, team members, a collaborative work space, time tracking and reporting tools, project tracking AND reporting tools?

Or possibly you have some of the needed team members and just need to fill-in the gaps?

DeVore can provide the team and the tools on fast turnaround for quick project starts.  Especially when you do not plan on adding to the headcount at the end of the project, IT project staffing is a smart way to work!

Need a Project Help Desk or support staff for the GO LIVE phase?

DeVore has more than a 15-year history of operating outsourced help desks, and managing Help Desk metrics and reporting.

Need Software or Servers hosted today to allow your project to start, while you work to bring the necessary components in-house?

Our hosting and co-location services can provide an immediate start for your project.

Does your project touch international locations with a language difference?

DeVore provides personnel, documentation services and translation services in other languages.  DeVore’s Global Translator Services began translating web sites to other languages and rapidly grew to assisting Health Care and documentation needs in general.  We have translated Information Technology documentation to and from Mandarin Chinese, a wide variety of Spanish dialects, and Hungarian, Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages.

Does your project have an unusual component?

Consider Fixed Bid turnkey project components.  DeVore will supply most project components on a fixed bid basis for financial project management.

Emergency Response

DeVore knows that elapsed time is critical in any emergency or urgent IT scenario.  Whether your need is staffing, hosted applications, servers or tools, we are available after hours and on weekends to assist with your emergency needs at 440-232-3846.

Are you in-need of the kind of IT project staffing that DeVore Technologies can provide professionally? Reach out to us today to set-up and establish a working relationship with our consummate and very experienced IT professionals. We are here for you!