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SQL, Structured Query Language, is the fundamental of querying and manipulating data in today’s relational databases.

While not a simple afternoon read, it is extremely powerful, and a necessary fundamental for anyone working with data, reporting and business intelligence.

ANSI SQL is the standard that all SQL enhancements build upon. Most database vendors will add their own proprietary enhancements to SQL to assist in optimizing results under certain conditions. In Microsoft SQL Server, they call it T-SQL, in Oracle they call it PL-SQL. These proprietary extension are just that, additions to the ANSI SQL base.




Most individuals will benefit from understanding the SQL foundation, before working with vendor-specific extensions. For perspective, the Microsoft official T-SQL “introduction” class is five days in duration. It is challenging to go to that depth with no prior experience.

DeVore offers a two day Introduction to SQL class and a two day Level 2, “Beyond the Basics” class.

These classes are an ideal starting point for individuals moving to a report development role, or who currently use tools like Crystal Reports, Access, and other SQL based data tools, who need to enhance their ability to acquire and manipulate information.

DeVore also offers custom SQL classes to assist with your organization’s reporting needs, and on-site classes at your location.
The standard Public classes are:

SQL – Basics of Writing SQL Queries and Stored Procedures View SQL Course Outline

SQL – Level 2 -Beyond the Basics of Writing SQL Queries and Stored Procedures View Level 2 Course Outline

In contrast, if your work dictates in-depth work in Microsoft SQL Server, DeVore also offers the Official Microsoft Course for learning SQL, Microsoft Course 20461, Querying Microsoft SQL Server, which is five days in duration.  This five-day instructor led course provides students with the technical skills required to write basic Transact-SQL queries (the Microsoft SQL Server Specific version of SQL) for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and earlier versions.

View DeVore’s Live – Instructor Led SQL Training Class Dates in Cleveland

DeVore has a 20 year history of training and software development, and is ideally positioned to assist you with SQL needs, report writing, and providing people to assist with projects.


SQL Resources

References to SQL resources are difficult as there are so many, and they become very specialized very quickly.

For obtaining books, ebooks and video tutorials, the O’Reilly site is a good choice, offering a wide selection across all vendors – http://oreilly.com/

If you are working on a computer there is some merit in the .PDF ebook version. It is truly useful to have a referece on your machine that you can quickly search when encountering an issue (Ctrl-F).

For pure SQL, any book by C.J. Date will lead you to a host of other in-depth resources.
Books by C.J. Date

If you work primarily in the Microsoft world, Itzik Ben-Gan is a leading practitioner and instructor in Microsoft T-SQL.http://tsql.solidq.com/