SharePoint Training Classes in Cleveland, Ohio at DeVore Technologies – Live, In-Person Instructor Led Training

Conveniently located in Beachwood, DeVore serves the Northeast Ohio Area, including Lorain – Elyria, Akron – Canton, Warren – Youngstown and Erie, Pa.

Comprehensive SharePoint Classroom Training and Project Assistance in Cleveland, Ohio – Live, Instructor Led

If we ever look back on Microsoft’s “Greatest Hits”, SharePoint will certainly be at the top of the list.

As one of the earliest bridges from data to web based content management, SharePoint empowers divisions, groups and teams to administer workplaces for specific content without constant and direct IT management of each step of the process.

It provides the ideal combination: IT provides data security and governance, and a functional leader can manage the data access within those guidelines.

SharePoint training falls into two general areas:

1) In-Depth IT Professional training for individuals charged with setting up, securing, maintaining the infrastructure, and implementing the features that require a greater technical skillset, and

2) End-User training, training for the team members and functional leaders in the “how to” portion of using their customized Sharepoint site.

For the IT Professional Technical Training, DeVore is a Microsoft Learning Solutions Partner, offering the Official Microsoft Curriculum and training in the technical competencies for customers in the greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area.

For the End User portion, the team members and functional leaders, DeVore offers customized training focusing on the specifics of what they will use in their work.

The Microsoft official training, while high quality, tend to focus on teaching them everything possible about the tool, which is the goal for a few individuals at the start of a project, but is not the goal for training the larger populations of team members who are using an environment that has already been customized. Customizing the end-user training provides the most cost-effective training possible.

A second piece of end-user training is some amount of the business logic and business rules surrounding the tool. When you have the team members assembled in a room learning about how to use the tool, the organization can choose to also use that opportunity to convey content regarding process and business rules or business logic, and data governance to the individuals.

The value of this information is significant, and is why most of the End-User SharePoint training is customized.

Short-Duration Customized SharePoint End-User Training

A unique offering of DeVore is a facilitated SharePoint Requirements Gathering Planning Session, targeted to teams and smaller organizations who find benefit in better undersatnding what they can and would benefit from doing, before making the total investment in SharePoint. There is significant merit in planning and exploration in a low cost setting, that DeVore believes will optimize the organizations return on investment when actually moving ahead with a project.

The SharePoint available in Microsoft Office 365 provides access to SharePoint in a truly cost-effective form, ideal for smaller businesses where it is not an advantage to undertake creating on-premise, a highly technical SharePoint environment that will have a not-insignificant cost level associated with it.

Classes offered both at DeVore Technologies and at customer sites include:

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These classes can be delivered at your location, or at ours, and we also offer individual instruction for individual needs. These classes can also be customized to address the specifics of whatever you are using SharePoint for. For information about on-site classes and custom content modifications, individual instruction or SharePoint project assistance, just call the DeVore office, 440-232-3846 or email