Microsoft PowerPoint and Presentation Training Classes in Cleveland, Ohio at DeVore Technologies – Live, In-Person Instructor Led Training

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Microsoft PowerPoint and Presentation Skills Training in Cleveland, Ohio – The Communicatin Skills that Build Careers – Live, Instructor Led

Presenting Information to others is a core competency in today’s world, and often is what gets individuals noticed and elevates their career.

Presenting Information is one of the key activities that sets individuals apart.

We are long past the days of “one PowerPoint class” and you are all set…

If your parents were not TV News Anchors, this is likely an area you will need to work on.

The good news is that it is learnable. The good news is that it requires an investment of time, energy and practice. So if you are not a “natural”, you can gain competitive advantage with effort. Not everyone is willing to invest the time and energy in becoming better, and that works to your advantage.

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Microsoft PowerPoint is the corporate presentation standard everywhere. Because it is the standard, you will achieve best results by using the tool and focusing on the items outside the tool. Much later down the road you can explore other tools for competitive advantage, if you reach the higher levels of presentation delivery excellence.

Everyone has experienced “bad” PowerPoint presentations. It’s not the tool itself, it is the tool user.

Because there is so much underlying detail in the psychology of persuasion, this content is often added to standard PowerPoint classes, to expose the individual to the greater context of “why”, and to provide learning paths for individuals serious about bettering their skills.

These classes can be delivered at your location, or at ours, and we also offer individual instruction for individual needs. These classes can also be customized to address the specifics of whatever you are using PowerPoint for. For information about on-site classes and custom content modifications, individual instruction or Presentation project assistance, just call the DeVore office, 440-232-3846 or email

Presentation Skills Training – With or Without PowerPoint?

DeVore offers both standard classes as starting points, and specialized classes that focus on select presentation skills topics, and these can be with, or without PowerPoint.

Graphical Treatments improve the visual quality and professionalism of presentations. DeVore’s standard classes cover acquiring and utilizing no cost or low cost graphics for individuals who are not design professionals.

DeVore offers a wide variety of custom classes focusing on areas of improvement identified by organizations:

  • Project Communications
  • Customer Facing Presentation Skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Information Ethics
  • Presenting with Webinar Tools – can be general or specific to one Tool

Presentation Skills for Information Technology

Technical professionals benefit greatly from training in the presentation of information.

Technical capability and a natural ability to present information to others in a clear and concise manner do not go hand-in-hand by default.

Conversely, a technical professional with the capability to present information clearly, concisely, in an authoritative manner, is compensated at a higher level that individuals with technical competency alone.

Both to their peers, and to individuals in other functional areas. It is fairly obvious that enhancing the information communication skills of IT Professionals raises the credibilty of IT across the entire organization.

If you have never been recorded and critiqued giving a presentation as part of organized training, there is something wrong with this picture.

We are all living in the age of You Tube, “Selfies” and Webinars.

When you give a PowerPoint presentation, you are normally addressing a smaller audience. If you present in a Webinar, it is a MUCH larger audience with no feedback while you are presenting. You have the abilty to suck in front of hundreds or thousands. Will that affect your career?

Normal Use

  • Sequence for Clarity
  • Minutia not always best, but have the underlying detail available
  • You need to see your notes, the audience should not see your notes.
  • Presentation aids – remote slide advance and laser pointer
  • Technical troubleshooting skills. If they can’t fix it, your dead. You need to be able to fix it.

Deep Dives

  • The Psychology of Color
  • Image Display for Medical Professionals
  • Video Reproduction for Medical Professionals – the importance of Codecs