Microsoft Outlook Training Classes, Individual Instruction, Custom Programming and eLearning in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding Northeast Ohio Community. Outlook 2010 and 2013 for Organizational Effectiveness and Business Productivity.

Because Everyone Uses Outlook, Small Improvements in Productivity ADD UP QUICKLY!

In the Microsoft Office Suite of programs, Outlook is the perfect example.

It is relatively easy to open and use, and if your work includes a significant amount of email, there are a wide range of features in Outlook 2010 and 2013 to make it Easier, Faster and more Efficient, yet these features are not obvious or easily understood without some guidance or training.

DeVore Offers Both Standard and Custom Outlook Training at your location, at DeVore Technologies, and also


using distance learning tools for team members outside this geography.

Classes can be short-duration, two to three hours in length, or full day segments.

Full Day Outlook 2010 and 2013 Classes

These classes are targeted to individuals who 1) have changed roles, 2) are new to their organization, or 3) find that it is best to schedule training in full-day blocks, and are using Outlook in their daily work.

These individuals benefit from concentrated hands on time and a solid understanding of the features that will most benefit their work environment.

View DeVore’s Full Day Outlook 2010 Introduction Course Outline

View DeVore’s Full Day Outlook 2013 Introduction Course Outline

View DeVore’s Full Day Outlook 2010 Advanced Course Outline

View DeVore’s Half Day Outlook 2010 Advanced Course Outline


Half-Day Outlook 2010 and 2013 Classes

Also offered are half-day specific focus topics designed for individuals whose schedules allow less flexibility in time away for the from the office.

Two classes are the most commonly requested of this group.   The first is Working Easier and Faster in Outlook – Optimize Your Time with Outlook 2010 and 2013. This class is targeted at individuals who have had some experience using Outlook, and have substantial email correspondence and calendar use.  This class will show the new and useful features in Outlook 2010 that are not easy to discover or utilize without assistance.

View DeVore’s Working Easier and Faster in Outlook – Optimize Your Time with Outlook 2010 – Half-Day Course Outline

The second, Managing Multiple Calendars, is designed for individuals who assist another individual with meetings, email or both.  The Delegates and Permissions features are not obvious in how they work, and Trial and Error learning with your boss’s calendar, is usually a painful experience.  A much better choice is to attend this jump-start when your first have the need, rather than after a few occurrences of Outlook working differently than you had anticipated.

Among a broad range of use cases, this class will address questions such as:

  • If I accept a meeting from my phone, will it update my calendar?
  • Will it happen instantaneously or is there a time gap?
  • If I send a meeting invitation on behalf of my manager to six people, and one person declines, will I receive the notice, will my manager, or will both?  Will the other five people on the invitation see the decline?


Also included in the choices of half-day classes are:

These classes are offered both at your on-site facility, DeVore’s training center in Beachwood, and online.

  • Outlook Web Access
  • Using Outlook in Office 365
  • Outlook Rules
  • Outlook 2010 – Just the Basics
  • Outlook 2013 – Just the Basics
  • Outlook 2010 – Secretarial E-mail
  • Outlook 2013 – Secretarial E-mail


View DeVore’s Half-Day Course Outline – Outlook Web Access

Using Outlook in Office 365 – Course Outline coming soon

Outlook Rules – Course Outline coming soon

Outlook 2010 – Just the Basics – Course Outline coming soon

Outlook 2010 – Secretarial E-mail – Course Outline coming soon

One final thought on training:  In today’s competitive employment environment, there is value to every individual to be viewed as fast and knowledgeable as opposed to being viewed as slower and needing assistance in everyday tasks…


Enhancing Outlook with Programming

Outlook, as with all Microsoft Office applications, can be enhanced with macro automation and with Visual Basic for Applications.  Because Outlook is easy and quick to use, in certain circumstances it can be a good tool for distributing and collecting information.
Outlook can be customized for specific workflow steps, and also for form fill-in information.  Even more valuable, the returned information can populate a database, so the results can easily be queried and tabulated.
This use of Outlook is less frequent, and is not currently offered as a class.  DeVore’s programming staff can assist you with these projects, and DeVore does not charge for initial discussions or meetings.

Microsoft Office Specialist Exam in Outlook 2010

How well do you know Outlook 2010?  One good way to find out is to take the official Microsoft Office Specialist test in Outlook 2010.  DeVore is a Certiport Testing Center, and Certiport delivers the Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook 2010 Exams.   Just call the DeVore office to schedule your exam, any weekday, 440-232-3846.
EXAM 77-884  Microsoft Office Specialist in Outlook 2010

Outlook Resources

Below are a list of Blogs and other Outlook resources.  Microsoft award the title MVP to individuals who are at an expert level and actively participate in blogs and assisting others with Outlook issues.

Microsoft® Outlook® 2010 Inside Out  by Jim Boyce – Microsoft Press

Microsoft® Outlook® 2013 Inside Out  by Jim Boyce – Microsoft Press
The Inside Out series of Microsoft Press books are fairly comprehensive references, and generally accurate.  DeVore recommends purchasing these materials in .pdf format when possible.  If you are a heavy Outlook user, there is substantial value in having the reference available in searchable format on your computer.

MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft Press

MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft Press
Not intended to be a comprehensive reference, this book is a good choice if your goal is to pass the Office Specialist Outlook certification test.  The contents are specifically mapped to the exam.

Official Microsoft Support and Information Sites:
(as a tip, when a newer version is released, you will always land on the new version information, such as Outlook 2013.  The information on Outlook 2010 is still there, you will just need to search deeper…

Microsoft Support – Outlook

Microsoft Outlook MVP’s Blogs and Web sites
These sites will tend to be heavily in technical details…

Diane Poremsky –
Michal Bednarz –
Robert Sparnaaij –
Eric Legault –