Office 365 for Business Jumpstart Training – Small Amounts of Training Significantly Increase the Success of the Project and Speed of Adoption – Live in Cleveland, Ohio and Online

Jumpstart Training in Office 365 for Business produces the best and quickest ROI out there.  It is not much time and not much training, and amps up the success of the project significantly.

New Concepts Require Communication from the Start – OneDrive, Delve, Skype, Sway, Web Apps vs Desktop Apps, Multiple Devices, SharePoint, Power BI, the Office Graph, etc.

Most Office 365 Implementations have new Business Rules that need to be communicated and understood!

Individuals in organizations previously using individual computer based Microsoft Office applications and network file storage struggle with the Where, When and Why when Office 365 is implemented.  Jumpstart them with focused training on the NEW things they need to understand to drive the success of the project.

What should they save Where, and Why?  How to find the information they originate and have rights to view?

Along with the productivity potential of multiple devices comes the issue of Where is My Stuff, Where SHOULD I keep My Stuff, and WHY?
The individual needs to understand how and where in order to leverage the value offered.

This is NEW!  The greater the clarity at the outset, the faster the adoption and the greater the success of the project.

Will they figure it out gradually over time?  Sure.  Is that cost effective?  No    Will lack of clarity around the new concepts in Cloud based Office workstyles detract from the success of the project?  You Bet!
Focused jumpstart training is the best use of Dollars as opposed to the cost of trial-and-error learning over extended periods of time.

If the team is in place today, and not fresh out of college, you will benefit significantly from communication a clear vision and path from day 1.  Their understanding and “buy-in” drives the visible success of the project.

Most Office 365 Training is “Tailored”, specific to the business rules and workflow of the organization.

DeVore is currently delivering:

  1. Public open-enrollment classes on our Public Class Schedule
  2. Custom On-Site training at the customer location using their business rules & goals
  3. Pilot Training to help identify Business Rules and Best Practices
  4. Custom Handouts, Take-Aways, and Quick Reference Materials
  5. Curriculum Guidance – What have other organizations experienced?
  6. Frequently Asked Question web sites, both Intranet and Hosted
  7. Recorded, Instructor-Led training using the specifics of your environment
  8. Custom Classes at DeVore that duplicate your environment

Outlook 2013, 2016 and Office 365

Individuals currently using the desktop Outlook Client will struggle with “Where to Find It” in Office 365.  That “Where to Find It” training increases the comfort level by a huge margin.  When fast-moving individuals find your Project placed a significant hurdle for them to jump between them and accomplishing their ongoing work, it is not well received.  Short Duration “Jumpstart” training sets them off on a positive note rather than a perceived barrier.
Another item in the Outlook category that can take some time is Devices.  What devices are supported, what devices are NOT supported, what is the process to configure them, etc.

OneDrive with Office 365

Any individual who has ever lost an important file will have hesitation when they are asked to now store their information in a new and different location.
They need to hear the explanation of What and Where and Why on Day 1 when they first are faced with the choice.  The What, Where and Why is a quick explanation, any new Business Rules can take more time.  As how the synchronization works is new, it can also take some time.
They will also need to understand “sharing”, so inadvertent “sharing” of files does not produce a negative impact to the business.

Delve with Office 365

Delve is the new Microsoft Office 365 application to assist individuals in finding their files and files they have the right to view.  The “Shared” and “Rights to View” part is somewhat new, and they will all benefit from this training.  The importance of Delve increases if the organization is using OneDrive or SharePoint or both.

Skype – (formerly Lync)

Online, real-time collaboration, increasingly with video, is the new normal.  Most people’s parents were not TV news anchors, so the organization benefits from these skills and best practices being taught – preferably BEFORE being in front of customers and prospects!

This is amplified if the organization is global and the individual is now popping up in real-time meetings with non-native English speakers.

Instant Messaging in Skype

If the organization is adopting “instant messaging”, this also is significant to individuals who are currently not “instant messaging” users.  It is truly important that the individuals understand any expectations, best practices and protocols BEFORE they fire off those first few messages!

OneNote in Office 365

OneNote has a small base of vocal “fans”, and it’s potential becomes more apparent as organizations increase their use of “collaboration”.  When there are many places information can be kept, OneNote shines!  Beginning to use OneNote is not intuitive, and brief training conveying the core concepts and “best practices” will have the individual quickly on their way.  Using OneNote is easy, but the concepts need to be communicated before the individual begins.
OneNote training can range from a one-hour tour and Jumpstart to a three hour half-day session.

Office 365 for Business Resources

Microsoft Outlook for Android client for your Android phone and tablet

While not gathering “wow” and “wonderful” reviews, there is a business case for using the Microsoft Outlook client on Android to connect to an Office 365 account, which includes “likely to work” and “supportable”.
The same reasoning will extend to the Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications for Android written by Microsoft.


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