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Located in Beachwood off I-271, DeVore serves the Northeast Ohio Area, including Akron – Canton, Warren – Youngstown and Erie, Pa.

As a Microsoft Partner, DeVore has a 20 year history of providing training and project assistance, beginning with DOS to

Windows conversions, with groups as small as a sole proprietor business, and as large as 20,000 user national rollouts.

Windows 7 and Office 2010 is the strategic platform for most organizations to replace Windows XP and Office 2003.  Just as Windows XP, Office 2003 was the platform of choice for 10 years, Windows 7 Office 2010 is likely to be the platform for organizations who do not immediately adopt a cloud based model, for the next 6-10 years, as cloud based systems and devices develop as the future generation platform, and the details of where and how the information is stored and secured are worked out, and a standard emerges.

The business case for Windows 7 Office 2010 is compelling both from the standpoint of security, the reality that as we get new computers, the new features on those computers are better supported, and the reality that the amount of information individuals work with continues to grow larger, and our working style continues to be more collaborative, working in teams on projects, which Office 2010 better supports.

DeVore offers comprehensive services to assist organizations with this project including:

Live, Instructor led classroom training:

at your location or at ours.

Distance Learning:

DeVore has the technology tools to add individuals or entire classrooms at remote locations to your live, instructor led training sessions here.

Microsoft’s Official IT Professional training:

on the technical side of the implementation, to insure as smooth a transition as possible, with minimum adverse impact on your daily operations.  ( as you can imagine, Microsoft benefits from organizations having positive experiences in upgrading, and invests large amounts of resources in developing planning and testing tools and the training to make things go smoothly.  As a Microsoft Learning Solutions Partner, DeVore offers all Official Microsoft classes, your location or ours.  View Currently Scheduled Public Enrollment Classes

Overview presentation training:

usually of relatively short duration, one to two hours, in a larger setting, not hands on, often with a hundred people in attendance, using large-screen projection.  These sessions are used both as a kickoff to set the tone that “we are providing you with assistance”, and as a cost-effective starting point when there are large quantities of people to be upgraded.

Transitioning training:

most often offered hands on in a computer classroom setting, and often two to three hours in duration per subject, or offered for the software program used most frequently by the individual.

Upskills Training:

With the downturn of 2008, many organizations have undertaken less training since that time, and have had changes in personnel, and changes in roles performed by existing personnel.
Since a substantial part of the cost of training is in planning, organizing, scheduling, identifying instructors and content, organizations realize that the base training in Office 2010 is focused on how individuals do what they do today in Office 2003, now in Office 2010, there is also an opportunity to increase their skills and productivity at a low incremental cost.  They have already undertaken a large part of the cost, and it is efficient to simply extend the time the instructor is on-site or the students are in class, to add topics to increase their current skills.

Programming assistance with Microsoft Access issues:

– most organizations have Access databases created in older versions of Access, requiring manual intervention and conversion to the new format.  There are some differences in the object model, including security.
In fact, most organizations do not have an inventory of all the access databases in use.  As you will need to identify them, this is a good opportunity to apply any standards, such as security or backup.
DeVore has assisted organizations with Microsoft Access projects since Access 1.0, and can quickly work through any issues that are discovered.

Programming assistance with Microsoft Excel issues:

– Excel 2010 has also made some changes in the object model, which will cause small amounts of VBA code to break in standard 32 bit installations, more in 64 bit installations.  This problem most often appears in areas such as finance, where the person that created the original automation work is no longer available.
In addition, the enhanced security features of the 2010 versions present frequent “warning messages”, where in Office 2003 when a message presents, it is an error message.  This will be extremely frustrating to individuals using spreadsheets with automation, and will kick off substantial discussion of permissions and file locations.  The initial period will be the most difficult for the users, and communicating these issues can be of significant benefit rather than reacting to their surprise and complaints.

LMS Tracking and Training Scheduling Systems:

If your organization does not have a Learning Management System in place, DeVore has online tools to make training scheduling and reporting on “who took what” easy.  Cancellations, changing work schedules and re-scheduled classes consume huge amounts of time to manage, and our systems make it easy.  If you have a LMS and it does not easily schedule classes, our tools can provide extracts of “who took what” for easy upload or departmental charge backs.

Project Work Tracking:

DeVore has online Tools to track schedule and work performed, so you can analyze the first few weeks of work and extend to budget targets and time targets.

Frequently Asked Questions Web Sites (FAQ):

DeVore can assemble and host FAQ web sites easily accessed from your intranet, to communicate up to the minute information to individuals being upgraded or attending training.

Quick Reference Guides:

DeVore can print or provide online, custom “Quick Reference Guides” to assist your end-users.

“Rent an Instructor”

Need to schedule more classes than the internal instructors have time available?  DeVore can provide instructors for days when needed, or longer term contracts.

Brown-Bag Sessions, Lunch-N-Learn, Lunchinars:

Even if the staff is REALLY busy, they still need to eat.  Special Focus Training Topics delivered during a lunch break are a popular way to jumpstart the project and provide high-value information with minimal impact on the workday.

Instructor Certification, Help Desk Certification:

Some organizations ask “How do I know the Help Desk or our internal trainers are up to speed and ready for the rollout?”  DeVore is a Microsoft Office Specialist Testing Center as well as a Prometric and Pearson VUE testing center.  What better benchmark or assurance than the official Microsoft certifications?

“Rent a Computer Classroom”

Need a fully equipped computer classroom and have your own instructor?  We rent classrooms, complete with large screen projection, blazing fast Internet access, and distance learning tools. View Classroom Rental Information

Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications  View Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications
Microsoft IT Professional Certification Testing – Prometric  View Prometric Testing for Microsoft Technical Certifications

The Importance of the Immediate Proximity of Training to First Use

The new versions of Office using the Ribbon interface, 2007 and 2010, are the first versions of Office in a long time where the ROI in training was immediate and compelling.  Users experience a large productivity hit immediately at time of conversion.  It is not intuitive from program to program, from Word to Excel, etc. End-users are breaking habits, they are re-learning each separate program.

Even Microsoft talks about the largest productivity hit being in the strongest users, who are quick and have good habits.  You know that if Microsoft talks about this, it is an issue of significance that will need to be dealt with.
Training as the software upgrade occurs optimizes the ROI you obtain from the Project.  Training a week or two after the upgrade locks in the cost of the training, plus the cost of the productivity loss to the organization.  There is simply no business case to wait until the end-users are howling about productivity loss.

For questions on any aspect of how we may assist, just call the DeVore Office, 440-232-3846 or email

Microsoft Office 2010 Tips and Suggestions

First Exposure to the Ribbon Interface?  Install the Microsoft Interactive Guides on the local computers.  This is the first and most important thing individuals will need to help navigate the Ribbon Interface.