Microsoft Course 10776 Developing Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Databases – in Cleveland, Ohio

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This course is the foundation of all things you need to know to develop Microsoft SQL Server Databases.

Whereas 10775 focuses on the setup and administration of the databases, 10776 is the deep-dive into the technical aspects of data and databases, in this case SQL Server specific, that you need to know.


The “Official” Microsoft description of the Audience Profile is:

“The primary audience for this course is IT Professionals who want to become skilled on SQL Server product features and technologies for implementing a database.”

The “unofficial” DeVore perspective is that anyone working with data should attend this course, and that includes anyone managing data projects. This course is the Tip-of-the-Iceberg perspective on the depth and complexity of the issues surronding data.

If you are currently working in Data or Databases, and the list of terms below are not part of your daily work, then this course is exactly what is needed:

  • Temporary Objects
  • Triggers
  • Data Version Control
  • Partitioned Tables
  • Collations
  • Execute As statements
  • Certificate-Based Security
  • Pessimistic or Optimistic Concurrency Control
  • Creating and Optimizing Indexes
  • BLOBs
  • GUIDs
  • Spatial Data
  • CLR
  • Columnstore and Sparse Columns
  • Implicit and Explicit Conversions
  • Constraints
  • Cascading Deletes
  • XML Data
  • XML Namespaces
  • XML Selective Indexes
  • Stored Procedures
  • Parameters
  • Cursors and Loops
  • Deterministic or Non-deterministic Functions
  • Column Store
  • Semantic Indexes
  • Execution Plans
  • Dynamic Management Views
  • Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Extended Events Sessions

You will frequently see DeVore’s perspective — Databases are NOT a good choice for Trial-and-Error learning. The cost of training is inconsequential compared to the potential cost of errors.

This course assumes some hands-on experience with data and Microsoft SQL Server.

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Microsoft Learning would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their contribution towards developing this title. Their effort at various stages in the development has ensured that you have a good classroom experience.

Design and Development

This course was designed and developed by SolidQ. SolidQ is a global provider of consulting, mentoring and training services for Microsoft Data Management, Business Intelligence and Collaboration platforms.

Greg Low – Lead Developer

Dr Greg Low is a SQL Server MVP, an MCT, and a Microsoft Regional Director for Australia. Greg has worked with SQL Server since version 4.2 as an active mentor, consultant and trainer. Greg describes himself as a SQL Server junkie and also describes himself as having been involved in development since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. He has been an instructor in the Microsoft SQL Server Masters certification program for several years and was one of the first two people to achieve the SQL Server 2008 Master certification. He is the author of a number whitepapers on the Microsoft MSDN and TechNet web sites and the author of a number of SQL Server related books. Greg is based in Melbourne Australia.

Herbert Albert – Course Developer

Herbert Albert started his career in 1994. He works as a trainer, consultant, and author focusing on SQL Server technologies. Herbert is a mentor and the Central European CEO for SolidQ. He is based in Vienna, Austria. He has several Microsoft certifications including MCT which he has held since 1997. Herbert is a regular speaker at conferences and co-author of the SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide and SQL Server 2005 Step-by-Step Applied Techniques. Together with Gianluca Hotz, Herbert writes a regular column at the SolidQ Journal.

Chris Barker – Technical Reviewer

Chris Barker is an MCT in New Zealand and currently employed as a staff trainer at Auldhouse, one of New Zealand’s major CPLS training centers in Wellington. He has been programming from the early 1970s—his first program was written in assembly language and debugged in binary (literally)! While focusing training on programming (mostly .NET) and databases (mostly Microsoft SQL Server), Chris has also been an infrastructure trainer and has both Novell and Microsoft networking qualifications.

Mark Hions – Technical Reviewer

Mark’s passion for computing and skill as a communicator were well suited to his position as an instructor at Honeywell Canada, where he started working with minicomputers, mainframes, and mature students in 1984. He first met Microsoft SQL Server when it ran on OS/2, and has delivered training on every version since. An independent MCT and consultant for many years, he is a highly-rated presenter at TechEd, has designed SQL Server exams for Microsoft, and has delivered deep-dive courses through the Microsoft Partner Channel. Mark is now the Principal SQL Server Instructor and Consultant at DesTech, which is the largest provider of SQL Server training in the Toronto area.

This course maps to the skills and knowledge measured by Microsoft Exam 70-464, Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases, and in conjunction with on-the-job experience, can help prepare you for the exam.

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