Microsoft Excel 2010 – 2013 and now 2016- Training Classes, Transition Training & Upgrading Training Classes, Custom Programming, Project Assistance, Project Staffing, Instructor Rental, Excel Problem Remediation Programming and Distance Learning Classes in Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio Area. Also Providing Assistance with Prior Versions, 2007, 2003, 2000, 1997.

Conveniently located in Beachwood, DeVore Technologies proudly serves the entire Northeast Ohio region, including Akron, Canton, Warren, Youngstown and Erie, Pennsylvania.

DeVore is a Microsoft Partner offering both official Microsoft Certified Training and custom programming services. We have a solid 20 year track record of programming Excel for our Cleveland-area customers’ projects.

Excel is currently our most popular desktop course, as most organizations find that the use of Excel continues to increase as organizations gain value by analyzing, understanding and communicating the meaningful information derived from data.

With each new version Microsoft releases, Excel’s functionality and features grow, such as the powerful new add-ins PowerPivot for pivot table analysis and Power Query in Excel 2010,201 and 2016, and the collaboration features in 2016, there are a substantial number of added features to both reduce the amount of time needed to accomplish a task, and to enhance the visual presentation for customer facing documents. The challenge is that people do not commonly find these features. Short duration special focus topic classes bring immediate ROI when data plays a significant role in the individual’s work.

View DeVore’s Live – Instructor Led Excel Classes in Cleveland

DeVore offers publicly scheduled classes, private custom classes, individual instruction and custom programming services. Our team frequently assists organizations of all sizes with Excel programming projects and automating data acquisition from internal and third party systems for analysis and presentation, as well as automating graphical presentation of the results.

Much of our custom programming work with Excel is done under non-disclosure agreements, which is why you will see fewer project examples here on our web site, than examples of web sites and other public facing tools.

For information on individual instruction or Excel 2010 project assistance, please call the DeVore office, 440-232-3846.

How Does PowerPivot / PowerQuery /PowerMap and PowerView compare to Tableau?

Find out January 23-26 when Tableau comes to DeVore

Office 2010, 2013 & 2016 Rollouts

Organizations upgrading to Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 will often encounter issues in Excel applications and spreadsheets utilizing VBA. There have been some changes to the Excel Object Model in each new version. This most noticeably impacts those working with financial data. DeVore can provide assistance with Excel VBA issues, as well as comprehensive Office 2010 and Office 2013 Training at your site or at our training center in Beachwood, and at your branch location using our Distance Learning technology.

We work with clients to develop training content, course materials, Frequently Asked Questions documents, Excel Tips, classroom handouts, Quick Reference Guides and content for Intranet “Help” sites

We offer a spectrum of special-topic classes, such as

  • “Pivot Tables’
  • “Formulas & Functions”
  • “Better, Quicker Results in Excel – Tips, Tricks, Best Practices & Keyboard Shortcuts”
  • “Charts & Graphs”
  • “Transitioning from 2003 and 2000”
  • “Excel Templates, Properties and Formula Auditing”
  • “Linking Excel Charts to PowerPoint”
  • “Excel – Building Excel Models Using the Keyboard Only”
  • “Excel Database Features”
  • “Using the Excel Table Feature”
  • “V-Lookup”
  • “Introduction to SQL”

…and many others. These classes can be a starting point for customizing classes specifically for your group’s needs.

We provide contract instructors for large scale projects and offer our class enrollment tool for your use in scheduling, managing and reporting on training projects.

Custom On-Site Excel Classes:
DeVore offers a wide variety of custom Excel topics and training specific to your organization’s needs.  Email or call us to plan content and discuss possibilities.

Our programming staff has a diversity of experience in Excel automation projects, data collection and graphical presentation. We have assisted Six Sigma Black Belts gather and analyze large data sets to provide better targeting of which project produces the best return on investment. It is common for organizations to not try to teach their Six Sigma teams to be software developers, and use DeVore staff to assist the black belts in theacquisition of data from a wide variety of legacy systems. Our web application team can assist your project with web based data collection and reporting needs.

Microsoft Excel Resources

There are many really good Excel resources online. Below are a few for starters that will lead you to many more.

For the Excel Object Model, Microsoft is truly the authority

Excel 2013 Object Model Reference

Visual Studio 2013 – Excel Object Model Overview

Microsoft Excel 2010 Object Model Reference

Microsoft Excel 2010 Developer Reference

For earlier versions of Office, this is a good starting point:

PowerPivot and the Exploding Field of Microsoft Self-Service BI – Rob Collie

Wide Ranging Excel Learning and Application:
Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen

ExcelisFun, Mike Girvin’s You Tube Channel

John Walkenbach, a long-time leading light in spreadsheet automation

Microsoft has developed a program for certification of Excel skills called Microsoft Office Specialist. The tests are delivered through the Certiport testing system.

DeVore is a Certiport testing center, delivering all Excel exams. To choose an exam time, or for more information, contact the DeVore Office

Your Microsoft Office Specialist Exam is scheduled directly through the DeVore Office! 440-232-3846

  • Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 
    Excel 2013            Exam 77-420 : Microsoft Excel 2013 core exam
  • Microsoft Office Expert 2013  
    Excel 2013     Exam 77-427 : MOS Excel 2013 Expert Part 1
    Excel 2013     Exam 77-428 : MOS Excel 2013 Expert Part 2
  • Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 
    Excel 2010            Exam 77-882 : Excel 2010 Expert
  • Microsoft Office Expert 2010
    Excel 2010     Exam 77-888 : Excel 2010 Expert
  • Microsoft Office Specialist 2007
    Excel 2007           Exam 77-602 : Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office Expert 2007
    Excel 2007 Expert  Exam 77-851
  • Microsoft Office Specialist 2016
    Not set as of January 12. Stay Tuned!

DeVore recommends that the candidate for any Microsoft Office Specialist exam should review the exam objectives documents, both on the Certiport site

And on the Microsoft site: