Paid Search Management

Pay-per-click Campaigns – Google Adwords

PPC can be a powerful tool to bring interested visitors to your site. The right clicks can turn into solid inquiries and sales. Whether you run a local, service-based business and are looking for phone calls – or a national, product-based website and are looking for online purchases – the right keywords, ads and landing pages are essential.

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A pay-per-click campaign can work in tandem with a search engine optimization campaign – or may be used instead of SEO, depending on your company’s online goals, keywords, marketing plans, etc.There are a number of reasons we recommend pay-per-click campaigns to our clients. PPC can:

  • Help you appear in the search engine results pages for keywords you are unlikely to rank for
  • Allow you to easily test keywords to see if they draw clicks and conversions
  • Give you access to local results in areas where you do not have a physical presence
  • Let you promote short-term offers and sales within a limited timeframe
  • Enable you to test marketing messages or landing pages
  • Provide information on the keywords you should go after in your SEO campaign

A PPC campaign can be temporary solution or an ongoing strategy depending on your website, competition and needs. Pay-per-click can be set up for:
Text ads on a search engine’s results pages (along with search-engine-owned web properties and partner sites)

  • Banner ads on partner websites and apps