Intranet / Extranet Solutions

Intranets are “internal” or “private” websites that are password-protected and completely secure. Their content is meant for company/organization employees only. DeVore plans, develops and builds custom intranets, enabling companies to create online communities, share resources, improve internal communications, enhance workflow and much more.

A properly planned and well-organized intranet is a valuable asset – potentially saving thousands of hours annually. This timesaving varies by company size, but it’s easy to understand how saving time translates into saving money for your business.

Once your company adopts the new intranet application, you’ll immediately have a place to promote company values, disperse information, improve safety and training, open communication channels and build your internal brand. If you already have a poor-performing intranet, we’ll be glad to help you improve your already existing intranet or build the right custom intranet for you.

What can you put on your intranet? Whatever you want employees to see, use or share. While every intranet we build is customized to meet a company’s specific needs, here are some elements that most find useful:


  • News and Events
  • Employee of the Month
  • Personnel Directories


  • KPI Indicators
  • Performance Data

Information Technology

  • Requests
  • FAQs for self-serve

Human Resources

  • New employee orientation/onboarding materials
  • Employee handbooks
  • Internal job boards
  • Training/continuing education classes
  • Payroll support
  • Benefits paperwork
  • Insurance forms
  • Classifieds Human resources


  • Vision/values
  • Biographical information
  • Secure manager’s area.

All of these things are a great reason to start up a company Intranet but there are many technical employee enhancements that can set your system apart…

Integration with Active Directory for starters, Intranets can authenticate users based on their roles set within Active Directory, based on their role access to various parts of the navigation can be controlled. Active Directory can be also be used as the corporate lookup, pulling every detail stored, including the persons image.

Interactive employee incentives programs are a great way to retain and acknowledge someone for a job well done. Thanks to You is a way for your employees to publicly thank other fellow employees. Award programs are popular; these programs assign points that accumulate. Points can then be redeemed for eligible prizes based on customization parameter levels.

Corporate calendaring can set events by hierarchy so that events display only to the relevant group, department, region or the entire company.