Distance Learning Training Classes

The Internet makes online training accessible virtually anywhere at any time via PCs, tablets and even mobile phones – a tremendous advantage for students as well as HR professionals and educators/trainers across the globe. Sophisticated Distance Learning and Distance Learning Delivery Tools from DeVore eliminate the time and costs associated with travel for training requirements, while providing an efficient and effective method of educational delivery for short-duration, special-focus technical topics. DeVore’s award-winning IT services  ensure that ALL individuals in-need of IT training receive a consistent message and comprehensive, supportive tutelage for future success and business competence and satisfaction.

DeVore Offers Multiple IT training OPTIONS TO BEST FIT YOUR NEEDS

  • A Small Number of Individuals at Distant Locations can be added to an existing live class
  • All Distant-Location Students, with Live Instructor-Led Class, and no physical students in the classroom
  • A Traditional In-Classroom Experience with a live instructor and all students in the same room


Bringing the classroom to you!

Our goal is to help your business succeed by providing customized e-Learning solutions that fit your organization’s needs – large or small. Distance tools are just one of the many methods that we use to help you accomplish your training objectives. If you have a geographically dispersed workforce, would like to reduce travel costs and away time, or you simply wish to receive training at your desk, distance learning can be a useful option.

Our Distance Learning Options:

  • DeVore offers any of our instructor-led classes as a distance option. This means that you get the same quality, instructor-led class that you would take at our physical location but delivered conveniently to your desk via your computer monitor.
  • DeVore can customize instructor-led distance classes for your organization so that people in various offices around your region, the USA or the globe all attend classes together and receive your custom content and a consistent message for better learning outcomes.
  • DeVore can also customize and deliver asynchronous classes for internal distribution. These classes can focus on aspects of implementation that are unique to your organization’s various departments.

These tech tools can be mixed-and-matched with classroom computer training for larger training initiatives or used as stand-alone resources. Contact us to discuss how we can use these tools to meet your training needs.


A good perspective on the tools that can be used and how an organization can benefit from distance learning options can be easily developed by first defining “Distance Learning.” The definition we will suggest is:

Distance Learning (or Distance Delivered e-Learning) – Utilizing cost-effective technology tools to enable the delivery of training and instruction to individuals at different physical locations – reproducing as many of the desirable characteristics of Live, Instructor-Led Training that produce the maximum value and optimal learning outcomes as the current technology tools allow. Distance learning empowers more cohesive understanding and education for ALL students involved!

Elements that contribute to Distance Learning Effectiveness

Delivery Side

Audio (clarity of Instructor’s voice)
Visual Aids – prepared visuals and computer-screen demonstrations that drive understanding and retention – primarily what the instructor presents via in-classroom projection.

Reception Side

Audio (clarity of Student’s voice asking questions)
Visual – Student Computer Screen

  • Ability of Instructor to see the question or issue displayed on the student’s computer.
  • Ability for the instructor to show the student’s computer to the entire class to keep them engaged while answering the student’s question.

Visual – Student’s face and body language – provides opportunity for Instructor to adjust presentation to ensure maximum understanding and retention.

At a Higher Level

There is also derived value from the “bonding” of the instructor and the students, formed from the human “connection” via the learning experience. At a fundamental level, it is desirable when this is positive, but is also is harder to quantify with respect to delivered value.

Once there is a basic level of Instructor competency, the value that live instructors add to learning effectiveness is the developed ability to read the facial expressions, body language and voice of students, and then MODIFY the presentation on-the-fly to ensure that the students are on-board at each step in the delivery.

This is the “Holy Grail” of Distance Delivered Learning – to reproduce the student-instructor live interaction in a COST-EFFECTIVE manner. If you have seen a Cisco Telepresence system, it is obvious that the technical capability is currently there – just not the COST-EFFECTIVE dimension that is needed for large-scale training.

Thus, everything we do today at DeVore is governed by the COST- EFFECTIVE dimension, and as time moves forward, the overall cost comes down and the features that enhance distance learning and training effectiveness continue to improve. Each new class or course is based on the specifics of the need and the technology capabilities at this moment in time.

One other detail to mention is the quality and professionalism of all DeVore instructors – live or distance-based. Since 1995 DeVore Technologies has been offering exceptional computer-based training to our clients. We’ve trained well over 3 million students! No matter the class size, each student receives superior instruction from our caring and experienced training staff. We want you to succeed!