Classroom Learning Centers

As you consider the training program & development of a new vendor handling your training program or seek strategies for growth of an established program, choosing the right vendor is key to your success. DeVore has partnered with over a 125,000 of associations, corporations, and government bodies over the past 22+ years to successfully develop, deliver, and grow both local, state, national and international classroom rollouts, development and testing credentialing programs. DeVore’s policies, procedures, and technology enforce best practices in the training/rollout classroom support industry technology standards.

When selecting a Classroom services partner to ensure their success is to an optimal experience, DeVore Classroom Learning Centers supports all classes with an accomplished full I.T services in-house and this advantage is how we sustained 22+ highly recommended and awarded as a 5 star experience in all categories by Smart Business since 2005 four years up to 2015 and many other awards up to last year since 1996!

With an expert team of hardware and instructional design professionals, DeVore understands what it takes to successfully launch and maintain a quality Classroom Roll-out Training Program. Backed by 22+ years of experience in I.T. Training and Development, we invite you to partner with a trusted team that is dedicated to your success and will deliver a seamless experience for your program.

After our team sends the pictures to you tomorrow, let’s discuss your program’s classroom learning rentals more in detail and explore how together we can establish a trusted long-term partnership to grow your program.  I look forward to listening to how you envision to strategically successfully plan your roll-out for your clients and listen to any of challenges and begin our first phase with our I.T team.

DeVore assigns a Client Services Executive (DVT) as your primary contact to maintain transparent and consistent communication with your organization so that every action regarding your program is coordinated and expertly executed in each DeVore service area. As your advocate, the DeVore Team will listen to your needs and respond in a timely manner.

We keep our promises and we understand that you are counting on our expertise and ability to smoothly and successfully implement, manage, and grow your training classroom program. The dedication and commitment of the DeVore team, along with the most reliable technology and renowned expertise in the training and classroom rental industry, fosters the high level of trust that our clients place in us.